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PurpleMoon at The Month of Games

The Month of Games has started!
Do you remember those long summer days when you would drag out the board games and play them with friends? Maybe you played a bit of chess with Grandpa on Sundays. Did Candyland hold wonder and fascination as you visited the Lollipop Forest or Queen Frostine's Sugary Castle? Is it possible that you always were the one to hypothesize that it was Professor Plum in the ballroom with the dagger as you super sleuthed your way through Clue.
Each and every designer have created not one, not two, but three new releases based on these three themes. Check them out and bring back the child in you!


Summer Breeze Flips for L'accessoires

PurpleMoon is back at L'accessoires!
I am thrilled to be participating again in this fabulous event! This round PurpleMoon is offering some hyper high flips for you Slink feet!
We have been officially allowed to develop shoes for the brand Slink and this is our first pair of many to come. Remember, the high mesh feet are not included with the shoes!
Try de demo and check out the included hud with metal options and insole color options.



This is the latest release in our Main Store: Thelma. Bold patterns and striking hand painted flowers in a classic cuff length dress!


PurpleMoon @ the Gypset Market

A gorgeous new location is waiting for you with the same amazing items as we got use to see! Please grab this new LM and check our item!


PurpleMoon @ The Instruments

PurpleMoon is proudly participating of the first round of  "The Instruments"
For this event I came up with a new outfit completely out of my comfort zone. This cyber, sexy, punk rock ensemble is not for those who want to get unnoticed! Striking colors and vibrant patterns, I definitely hope you like this experiment in my never ending learning process.
This is Moxie.
Part mesh part layers.


Fashion for Life 2014

As we do every year, PurpleMoon is proud sponsor of Fashion for Life supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. It will run from June 7th through June 20th.

Besides donating 2 exclusive outfits, made specially for the occasion and never sold again after the event, we are also donating 100% of all the sales made at our booth at the event. So please, if you had an eye on some already released item, try to get it at our location at FFL!
These are the exclusive items: "Drew", in an exclusive lilac-cream color combination and "Time Traveller" a steam punk inspired outfit that includes jacket, skirt, hat and shoes. (By the way, another outfit out of my confort zone that I hope I have done well, you might have noticed that I've been experimenting a bit)
Please, stop by and help, do it for you, for me, for all of us! Thank you!



Releasing "Leia", a romantic long dress for those sunsets at the beach or jewel it up for a very sleek formal event. Find it now at PurpleMoon Main Store.

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Sexiest Short Dress of the Season!

Releasing today "Maia": a sexy neckline, the perfect length, perfect for the day or night, three textures in one AND affordable!
Check it out!

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